Friday, June 5, 2009

Bonus Breaking News Blog!

Howdy, folks. Got some news that I thought I should pass along right away, rather than waiting for next week's regular blog.

I stopped by Kenai River Brewing Company last night to grab a liter of brew to have at dinner. In addition to their usual summer line-up, there was something unusual on offer: Summer Belgian Experiment. None of the brewers were there to get the real specifics, but based on what the ladies behind the counter and my own sense of taste told me, I think this is Kenai River's Resurrection Summer Ale but brewed with a Belgian yeast. The yeast's character was unmistakable, very earthy & peppery, so this beer is only for folks who like Belgian ales (as I do).

Here's the best part: the beer is for sale in 64 oz growlers only, but the cost is just $5 per growler! I didn't have a growler with me last night, but you can bet I loaded up my truck with them this morning and I'll be stopping on the way home to take advantage of this great deal.

Once again, this ale has a strong Belgian character, so if you're not into that, you probably won't like it, even at $5 a growler.

I also stopped by St. Elias Brewing Company for lunch yesterday. Alongside my steak & cheese sandwich, I had a pint of their brand-new Marathon Mild. As I've written before, this is one of my favorite styles of beer, which I have been politicking our local brewers to make, since I believe it would be a good alternative to the standard "summer ale" everyone seems to brew. Marathon Mild comes in at 3.9% ABV, so it definitely qualifies as a session beer, designed to be consumed in quantity (a drinking marathon?) without rapidly intoxicating the drinker. It was wonderfully dark, with plenty of malt flavor, just balanced with enough bittering hops. It was on a par with the milds I used to get in London, though not cask-conditioned, of course. I'm still working on Zach Henry to give that a try...

There was also a brand-new Hefeweizen on tap at St. Elias, which I didn't get to try, since I had to go back to work.

That's the quick and dirty for now. I'll have a the regular full blog next week.

Until Then, Cheers!


Alan said...

Thanks Bill, you da man. I think I need to get the growler and head to town. I tried Kenai River's Midnight Light (if I remember the name right)at Mykel's last weekend. I liked it, have you taste tested it?
Alan T.

Alan said...

OK after reflection and another cuo of coffee, Ithink it was Northern Light...

Didymus said...

Hi Bill, I would love to sit down with you and knock back a few beers. The last time we did that was at the Black Pearl in Newport, or was it at Breskies or McSorley's in New York. Ah, that was so long ago.

Bill Howell said...

Yes, I did try Northern Light a while back. Unfortunately it was just a sample at the brewery and I didn't take any tasting notes down at the time. I need to pick up another sample and do a more formal tasting!

I do remember thinking that it was good and IIRC, Doug told me that it was based on one of hid old homebrew recipes.



Bill Howell said...


No, the last time was in Honolulu, when the Gurnard pulled in in '92. We picked up some good brews at The Liquor Collection at Ward's Warehouse and drank them eating Thai food at Mekong.

Seventeen years. Yeah, lots of water under the bridge since then...



joe said...
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