Sunday, July 19, 2015

Breaking News: The Culmination Beer Festival Tickets Go on Sale This Wednesday

I just received word from Gabe Fletcher of Anchorage Brewing Company that tickets for this year's The Culmination Beer Festival will be going on sale this Wednesday, July 22, at 2 PM.

There will be only 200 total tickets sold. 150 will be sold from the festival's website(, while the other 50 will be sold at the brewery. The number of tickets being sold is being reduced since this year's fest will be taking place in the new brewery, rather than at the convention center. There will also be actual tickets this year, so you will not need to pay for your reserved tickets at the door, as in years past. Tickets at $100 and cheap at the price, given that there will be over 25 breweries there, most of who do not distribute their beers in Alaska. The Festival will be from 4 to 8 PM, on Saturday, August 22nd. I was lucky enough to attend last year's The Culmination, and I thought it was one of the finest festivals I've ever attended. See my blog on 5/30/2014 for a description of my experience.

So if you would like to attend a wonderful festival, mark your calendars and jump online this Wednesday at 2 PM to get your tickets.  They are guaranteed to sell out fast!

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