Friday, November 21, 2014

Breaking News Blog Post

Just after I got my last blog post on the street, I got word from Rob Weller of Specialty Imports that the next release of Anchorage Brewing Company's amazing A Deal with the Devil Barley Wine would be released TODAY, November 21st. Rob was kind enough to send along the list of the stores which will be carrying it. This stuff goes super fast and stores often limit the number of bottles you can purchase, so plan accordingly...

Until Next Time, Cheers!

Alaska Liquor Store - SKAGWAY
Alaska Wine Guy
Breeze In Valley Store #1
Brown Jug - FBX
Brown Jug Bragaw
Brown Jug College Gate/lake Otis
Brown Jug Downtown Wine & Spirits
Brown Jug Eagle River
Brown Jug Indy Park
Brown Jug Minnesota
Brown Jug North Muldoon
Brown Jug Northern Lights
Brown Jug Old Seward South
Brown Jug Red Apple/Mtn. View
Brown Jug Spenard
Brown Jug Tudor
Brown Jug Victor
Brown Jug W. Northern Lights
Brown Jug Warehouse
Brown Jug Wasilla South
Brown Jug Whaler/Muldoon Rd
Cafe Amsterdam
Carrs Safeway Aurora Village #1805
Carrs Safeway Huffman #1813
Carrs Safeway Seward #2728
Country Liquor LLC. #2
Fred Meyer West Fairbanks 485
Gavora's Gavora's #1
Gold Hill Inc.
Gold Rush Liquors
Grog Shop - 2
La Bodega / Isles, Inc.
Little Italy
Newtown Liquor / Clearwater Bay Corp
Party Time Plaza Liquor - LAKE OTIS
Percy's / Oke Rodman
Snow Goose Restaurant
Thibodeau Town Liquor
Wine House - Huffman

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