Thursday, June 5, 2014

Correction to "A Tale of Two Festivals"

Hey, folks, I've got a bit of a correction to last week's blog.  Sorry it's taken me this long, but I was pretty sick for the entire weekend and into the first part of this week.

Anyway, I stated in my last post that his attendance at the Haines Festival last month was AHA founder Charlie Papazian's first visit to Alaska, which turns out not to be accurate.  This mistake did not make it past the eagle-eye of Jim Roberts, AKA Dr. Fermento, who sent me the following photo:

Photo courtesy of Jim Roberts.

Here's what he had to say about it:

"Charlie visited as a guest of the Great Northern Brewers Homebrew Club in August of 1995."

"Pictured here is Charlie, of course, and to his right, the founder of Great Northern Brewers, Pat Oldenberg, me of course, as 2nd President of GNBC ('92, '93) and to the far left, Doug Simpson, 3rd President of GNBC ('94, '95)."

"Just thought you'd find that entertaining.  Oh, and the picture was taken at the now defunct (and recently torn down) Sophie's North Slope Restaurant and Regal Eagle Brewpub (first in the state of Alaska) which was then piloted by none other than Ken Pajak."

"How's that for a bit of history?"

As ever, I stand corrected, enlightened, and in awe. All I can do is tip my hat and say, "You Da Man, Jim!"

Until Next Time, Cheers!

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