Friday, July 20, 2012

Breaking News - Mikkeller Invasion!

Right after posting my latest blog, I had an email from Gabe Fletcher at Anchorage Brewing Company, letting me know that his collaboration beer Mikkeller Invasion Farmhouse IPA has been released.  However, only 20 cases are being distributed in Alaska, with 600 cases going to Denmark and the rest to the Lower 48.  So you'd best not waste any time if you want some.  Batch #2 of his Bitter Monk DIPA has also been released.

According to Gabe, his next release will be Batch #2 of his Love Buzz Saison, followed by Batch #3 of his Galaxy White IPA, then an Imperial version of Galaxy.

Until Next Time, Cheers!

1 comment:

Jeffrey Daniels said...

20 Cases for Alaska! Lame sauce.