Friday, May 13, 2011

Vanishing Posts & Breaking News

Well, for some strange reason my last post from Wednesday seems to have disappeared from my blog!  Hope you had a chance to read it before the Blogspot gremlins decided to eat it. (Now it's back again; go figure.)

In it I talked about American Craft Beer Week, which is Monday, May 16th, through Sunday, May 22nd.  I also mentioned that I hadn't heard what our local brewers were doing to celebrate, but now I have.

Kenai River Brewing will be offering pints for $2.50 all week long.  They have also picked a name for their new hoppy American Wheat beer.  They're going with Hoppin' Salmon Wheat.  Stop by and give it a try.  They also just took delivery of another 20 bbl fermenter, which will be used to produce Sunken Isle IPA for canning.

Kassik's Brewery will have several specials posted on the board in the Tasting Room at the brewery during the course of the week, including a sneak peak of their new Black IPA.  They will also be holding a special drawing on Sunday, May 22nd.  Stop by the brewery for more details.

As for St. Elias Brewing, I spoke with Zach Henry on Wednesday evening and he still wasn't sure what they'd be doing, but I'm sure they'll be doing something.  By the way, he tells me that their amazing H&H Highland Ale is getting close to gone, so get some while you can.

Don't forget that you can always hold an event on your own.  Pick up some good beers, invite some friends over (especially ones who don't like craft beer YET), and have you very own beer tasting event.  For example, you could get a growler of IPA from each of our local breweries and then taste them side by side, note the differences and decide which you like best and why.  Or pick up some good cheeses and try pairing them with various beers.  There are plenty of options, so pick one and go for it.  If you can introduce someone to the joys good craft beer, so much the better.  That's the best way to celebrate American Craft Beer Week.

Until Next Time, Cheers!

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