Friday, August 8, 2008

This Weekend's To-Do List

It's been a bit of a busy week here on The Last Frontier, as you might have surmised from the lack of blog activity. A conference in Anchorage on Monday and Tuesday was followed by the inevitable mad-house Wednesday trying to catch-up after being out of the office. Thursday was spent climbing up and down ladders doing home repair chores. So now it's Friday and I need to get on my horse and blog!

However, sometimes procrastination works to our advantage. Today is 8 August, the day Frank & Debara at Kassik's Kenai Brew Stop release their next batch of Caribou Kilt Strong Scotch Ale. This beer is in the style know as "Scotch" or "Strong Scotch", and should not not be confused with "Scottish" style ales, which are similar but not nearly so strong. Caribou Kilt weighs in at a hefty 8.5% ABV and is an outstanding example of the style, as evidenced by its winning a Bronze Medal at the 2008 World Beer Cup in San Diego. Personally, Strong Scotch is one of my absolute favorite beer styles, and has been for twenty years. {Edited to remove a joke which I'm told some local residents found offensive. If you were one of them, my apologies.}

On a more serious note, the fact that the Kenai Peninsula can boast an award-winning brewery illustrates one of the great things about craft beer. It's totally possible for a small operation to brew beer that not only as good as, but even much better than the best that the biggest brewers out there can produce. And remember, the best beer is typically the freshest beer. So get out there and try your local brews.

Next time maybe we'll talk about some of the brews I brought home from Anchorage. Until then, Cheers!

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